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Knee Pain Treatment & Relief


Chiropractic care can provide relief for some individuals dealing with knee pain, especially when the pain is related to musculoskeletal issues or misalignments in the lower extremities. Chiropractors assess the knee joint, surrounding muscles, and the spine to identify any factors contributing to the pain. Through a combination of adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and rehabilitative exercises, chiropractic care aims to reduce knee discomfort, improve joint function, and support overall knee health, offering a non-surgical and drug-free approach to managing knee pain.

Pain Reduction

It can address the underlying musculoskeletal issues

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Non-Surgical Approach

It offers a non-invasive option for managing knee pain.

Alpha Back Chirpractor Adjusment

Improved Function

It can enhance knee joint mobility, stability, and muscle balance.

Chiropractor Adjustment


Experience relief from knee pain and enhance your mobility through chiropractic care, providing personalized solutions to address the root causes of your discomfort and support long-term knee health.


Knee Pain Relief in Denver, Colorado

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Knee pain refers to discomfort or pain experienced in the knee joint area and can result from various underlying causes.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Injuries: Trauma, such as sprains, strains, ligament tears, or fractures, can lead to knee pain.


Arthritis: Conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can cause knee joint inflammation and pain.


Overuse: Repetitive movements or excessive strain on the knee, common in athletes or individuals with physically demanding jobs, can result in knee pain.


Meniscus Tears: Injury to the meniscus, the cartilage that cushions the knee joint, can lead to pain and limited mobility.


Patellofemoral Syndrome: This condition involves irritation of the kneecap and can cause knee pain, especially during activities like climbing stairs or squatting.


Misalignment: Issues with hip or spine alignment can affect the knee's mechanics and lead to pain.

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