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Herniated Disc Treatment & Relief


Chiropractic care can help treat herniated discs by reducing pressure on the discs and realigning the spine. Some chiropractic treatments for herniated discs include: spinal decompression therapy, manual spinal manipulation, flexion-distraction technique, spinal adjustments, and pelvic blocking.

Pain Relief

It use spinal adjustments and manual techniques to alleviate pain associated with a herniated disc

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Improved Function

It enhance spinal function and mobility, potentially helping individuals with herniated discs

Non-Surgical Approach

It offers a non-invasive option for managing herniated discs

Chiropractor Adjustment


Experience relief from your herniated disc and regain optimal function with chiropractic care, offering targeted solutions to alleviate discomfort and enhance your overall quality of life.


Herniated Disc Relief in Denver, Colorado

Experience disc injury relief with our gentle chiropractic care – schedule your appointment now to say goodbye to back pain.


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A herniated disc, also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, is a spinal condition where the inner gel-like material of a spinal disc pushes through the tough outer layer, often causing pain and irritation by pressing on nearby nerves.

Common Causes of Herniated Disc

Aging: As people age, the spinal discs naturally lose water content, making them less flexible and more susceptible to herniation.


Trauma: Injuries or accidents, such as falls or car accidents, can cause sudden disc herniations.


Lifting Injuries: Lifting heavy objects improperly, especially with poor lifting techniques, can put excessive pressure on the discs, leading to herniation.


Repetitive Strain: Activities or occupations involving repetitive bending, twisting, or lifting can contribute to the gradual breakdown of spinal discs.


Genetics: Some individuals may have a genetic predisposition to disc problems, making them more susceptible to herniated discs.

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